Sal Boenzi

PresidentRegistered Representative of GWN Securities, Inc.

Sal found a passion for teaching others about personal finance more than 20 years ago when his former career path reached a crossroads for his family. After 25 years as a construction engineer and project manager for a very large worldwide company, the demands of relocating the family every few years became a challenge. Daughter Andrea and son Salvatore were approaching high school age so, in 1997, when he was transferred back to wife Sharon's home state, the decision was made to put down roots in Tucson, Arizona.

As family priorities took precedence over his successful career, and rightly so, concerns for whether they were making sound financial decisions really started to surface. In Sal's words: “We had all the usual products, mortgage, 401(k), IRAs, life insurance, etc., but we had no definitive plan to assure the products were taking us to where we wanted to be. In fact, I probably wouldn't know it if I got there. I realized then that I needed to know more about how money works; and so does everyone else.”

Through a series of events after the move to Tucson, probably in large part Divine Intervention, it became obvious that a career change was likely in the future. Then, an opportunity presented itself and the journey to becoming a financial services professional was set in motion.

Originally from Southern California, life growing up was centered on family values, tradition, team sports and American patriotism. Sal earned a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Cal State Fullerton and became registered as a Professional Civil Engineer in California and Arizona. The construction industry turned out to be a natural fit for his personality because, in many ways, it is like a team sport where “we all depended on each other's abilities to get the job done”. Within a few years he was asked to take on leadership positions on large Power, Mining and Transportation projects, making many lifelong friends along the way and developing an appreciation for the demands on hard working American Families.

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