Our Services

At FIFG we offer you personalized guidance to help you make informed decisions to effectively save for retirement and other goals, protect yourself and your family from loss of income, and becoming debt free. Once we understand the goals and priorities that are most important to you, we can work with you to create a step-by-step strategy to achieve those goals, making adjustments over time as you progress and life changes.

We can offer guidance on a full spectrum of financial services for you, your family and business including:

  • Retirement Strategies
  • Income and Asset Protection
  • Investment Planning
  • Analyzing Your Retirement Income
  • Estate Preservation
  • Employee Benefits Packages

Our services will help you answer the following questions:

  • How can I get more from my investments?
  • How can I reduce my exposure to risk?
  • How much money will I need to live comfortably in retirement?
  • Am I saving enough?
  • How can I save for college?
  • How can I reduce estate taxes and preserve more of my assets for my heirs?
  • Do I have enough life insurance?

We have established relationships with leading product partners in the financial industry so that we can bring quality and cost effective options for to strengthen your personalized program and build your financial portfolio.